Key People

Geoff Baars

Executive Director, NMG Group

Location: Perth

Geoff is one of the founders of NMG, and his current role is internally focused, dealing with NMG’s key executives and leaders in all the businesses of the Group, as well as with shareholders and directors. The “Group Support & Control” team, largely based in Singapore, works with Geoff in achieving Group goals. An actuary by profession, Geoff worked for 15 years as a consultant, leading M&A assignments and company appraisals. Before joining NMG in 1992, Geoff worked with Swiss Re, initially in Johannesburg and subsequently in Zurich.

Mark PrichardMark Prichard

CEO, NMG Consulting

Location: London

Mark is a founder of NMG, and the CEO of NMG Consulting. He is responsible for NMG’s consulting and insights activities in the reinsurance segment globally, working primarily with multinational reinsurers across strategy (including market entry and M&A), organizational change and business performance management. Mark led the development of NMG’s Analytics propositions in Australia and the UK. Mark has over 20 years of experience working with insurers and reinsurers across the UK, Europe, US and Canada, South Africa, Asia and Australia, initially as an actuary (in both corporate and consulting settings) and subsequently as a consultant focused on strategy and management issues.

David Burns David Burns

Partner, NMG Consulting

Location: London

David was a founder of NMG’s UK business, and now has responsibility across Consulting, Insights and Analytics in the UK. David works with major financial institutions on distribution-related issues across broker, bank, adviser and direct channels. His experience spans advised/non-advised channels within the life insurance and wealth management sectors through to partnership marketing of personal lines general insurance. He has over 25 years of experience in the insurance and wealth management sectors both in corporate roles and consulting including leading engagements in Asia, Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Hamish WorsleyHamish_Worsley-2

Partner, NMG Consulting

Location: Perth

Hamish is responsible for NMG’s Insights programmes in life insurance, wealth management, asset management and corporate benefits across the UK and Europe, Middle East and Asia. He also works with clients to apply findings and recommendations, in re-shaping their businesses (through market segmentation, service re-alignment and changes to product and pricing structures) and creating long-term performance management and measurement frameworks. He has over 25 years of experience as a corporate actuary and then as a consultant, including the last 18 years with NMG.

Andrew BakerAndrew-Baker

Non-Executive Director, NMG Group

Location: Sydney

Andrew was the founder of Tria Investment Partners (subsequently acquired by NMG) and a recognised expert on the wealth and asset management industry, specialising in for-profit and not-for-profit financial institutions on strategic planning, distribution and product development and organizational change. Andrew was also the developer of widely read industry note Trialogue, and is widely quoted and published on industry issues. He has over 26 years of experience, including both senior executive roles and 11 years as lead consultant and Managing Partner of Tria from 2004-15.