1st South Asian Actuarial Conference

‘Creating Value for Business’ – Risk, Innovation, Regulation, Education

Innovation, Disruption, Opportunity was Roshan Perera’s presentation at the 1st South Asian Actuarial Conference.  This blended well with the underlying theme of the 2-day conference which was about creating value for different stakeholders of insurance companies focusing on risk management, innovation and technology, regulation and education.  Roshan’s presentation based on answering the question ‘What is the likely impact of the looming technological disruption on the insurance industry and on jobs?’ sat well with the audience who were not only actuaries from around the region, but also representatives of professional bodies from around the world as well as many non-actuarial delegates from the Sri Lankan insurance industry.

He discussed the impact of technological disruptors such as Internet of Things (IoT), digital native’s and the ‘no wait’/ millennial generation and big data, as well as the changing role of actuaries in this era dominated by tech innovation.

His message for stakeholders of the insurance industry was to act now before being hit by the third wave of disruption – The IT revolution.

View slides from the presentation – SAAC July 2017