Communicating the value of employee benefits to employees


Those who know me, recognise that I’m by no means a ‘techie’. However, when technologies are made available to communicate – I sit up and take notice. So, I thought I’d dedicate my first ever blog to the subject of “effectively communicating the value of employee benefits”, and specifically in my case – Healthcare benefits to employees.

Traditionally, we were known as brokers. Today we are advisors to our corporate clients and individual members. It’s ironic that in the infancy of the insurance business that brokers were effectively equated to translators.

Communication in our business is critical. It seems like a trite or obvious thing to say. However when we consider the avalanche of information members need to process then it is our job to ‘translate’. We need every tool at our disposal to explain why some of this jargon is necessary, and then translate that jargon to ‘everyday language’.

We can never allow ourselves to forget that the man on the street doesn’t want to engage with terms like “Prescribed Minimum Benefits”, or “PMBs” as we commonly call them. But when the system fails them that is the time when they (the member) need us most.

“Forewarned is forearmed” is the popular phrase, and it is what we try to get across to the members we advise. In a nutshell our role is translators, communicators, and educators.

In the coming months, I’ll drop back in on a regular basis to give my views on what’s happening in the healthcare industry, a few trends we have picked up, and new services we’ll be offering our clients.



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