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Hello and welcome to the new NMG Benefits website. As part of the multi-national company NMG Group, we have joined our sister companies, NMG Consulting and NMG Capital in re-launching our web presence. I have the privilege of leading NMG Benefits, the South African business with more than 400 staff across South Africa and Namibia.

My time in the financial services industry has instilled in me a sense that we, who work in this industry, are certainly in a privileged position. On a daily basis we are exposed to questions like: how to save for retirement and how to transact on a medical scheme. It’s our job to know the benefits, the jargon, the language, and the channels to better the financial position of our clients and their families. We use this privileged position to help people understand and use their benefits. This is a profound responsibility, and one that has long-term consequences for the health of our economy. It is our objective to give excellent advice and through this protect the employees and their families’ futures.

Our advice keeps companies and their employees healthy and productive, ensures employees are comfortable in retirement, guides companies through processes of setting up and administering retirement funds on behalf of their employees and demonstrates to people how to plan their financial futures. I can say with pride that our advice touches a wide array of people from the brave men and women in South Africa’s mines to the CEOs of some of South Africa’s most well-known companies.

To do our job well we have an exceptionally talented team of people who not only have valuable insights to share, but have amassed an incredible amount of experience in the employee benefits and financial services industry. We believe that our analytical capability is second to none and that is why our advice is trusted by some of Southern Africa’s largest companies.

In the next few weeks, some of NMG’s thought leaders will introduce themselves on this platform and give you their views on our industry, our capabilities, our learnings, and generally keep our clients, prospective clients and anyone who is interested in employee benefits (or EB) up-to-date with the latest trends in the employee benefits industry.

Feel free to engage with them and with me.

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