Almost time for #CEOSleepOut

Andrew-Warren-(nmg)As South Africa commemorates the 39th anniversary of the Soweto uprising this Youth Month, it’s an apt time for a focus on youth development. At NMG, through our annual NMG Charity Challenge, we currently support three organisations that focus on youth development: Tembisa Child Welfare, Twilight Children’s Home in Hillbrow and the Elundini Centre for the Disabled.

As we were looking for ideas to extend our Challenge, the campaign that launched the 702 Sun International CEO SleepOut Challenge and its support of Girls and Boys Town had a strong resonance with me. The work of Girls and Boys Town with homeless and vulnerable children has strong similarities to the vision of Twilight Children’s Home and also has much in common with Tembisa Child Welfare and Elundini. All four charities focus on youth empowerment – an important for the future of this country.

So my signing up for the CEO SleepOut Challenge was inevitable, even before our staff challenged me. I have personally seen the positive effect organisations focusing on youth can have on them. NGOs have such a vital role to play in ensuring that those who are most vulnerable have a chance to realise their dreams.

I have also challenged my social and professional networks to rally behind NMG’s three causes and help double the amount that has already been donated to Girls and Boys Town through the CEO SleepOut

NMG’s participation in the CEO SleepOut and our own NMG Charity Challenge is our commitment to youth development and the importance of young people in South Africa. I believe that our efforts fit perfectly into the National Youth Policy’s framework, which endeavours to ensure all young women and men are given meaningful opportunities to reach their full potential.

Please join us in whatever way you can.




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