Follow Andrew as he participates in the 702 CEO Sleepout Challenge

2Andrew-Warren-(web)I would like to invite you to follow, support and experience my journey leading up to the night of the #CEOSleepOutZA, and on the night itself. I will be blogging, tweeting and sharing my experience on Twitter and LinkedIn. For every retweet or “share” I get from you, NMG will be donating ZAR5 to our Charity Challenge. Please use the following hashtags:


So follow me on my twitter handle Awarrenza and connect with me via my LinkedIn profile here

In the lead up to 18 June, I will be sharing some interesting and important facts about our charities using the hashtags above, so that Tembisa Child Welfare, Twilight Children, and Elundini Home for the Disabled become part of the national conversation.




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