NMG Personal Wealth’s Jeanne Nel is interviewed on Classicfm

On the 8th of May NMG Personal Wealth hosted more than 120 professional women for breakfast at Bryanston Country Club. The goal: to address the fact the women do not as a rule take care of their own financial planning.

According to Jeanne Nel, General Manager at NMG Personal Wealth, “This lack of foresight could have dire and wide-ranging societal consequences.”

“It’s really about creating awareness. We need to get to a point where women are aware of what they need to take care of in their financial planning lives, which moves us to the space where women need to have their own assets. In NMG’s Personal Wealth practice, women make up more than 70% of our financial planners – which is highly unusual in the industry and something we are extremely proud of.”

Listen to Jeanne Nel’s radio interview below.


26 May 2015 – Classic Lifestyle with Jeanne Nel (right-click and save)

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