[INFOGRAPHIC] National Health Insurance White Paper: Theory versus practicality

N66L_Wayburne2MG Benefits Actuarial and Specialised Services division has prepared a factual graphical summary of the White Paper focusing on the content that we see as the most important and relevant. This includes the structure and reimbursement of benefit packages, the review of funding structures including medical schemes and the implementation plan. We hope this will be an easy to use reference point on the topic.

Download two versions of the infographic below:


· The ‘house’ of NHI                           · Right kind of medication?

2015 ended with some very significant events in South Africa’s economic and policy development environment. While overshadowed by the negative economic environment, one such development was the presentation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) White Paper by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. This much awaited document seems to have been squeezed in amongst musical chairs in the Department of Finance and much volatility in the financial markets.

With little definitive information about the costs of the NHI system and specific commentary by Treasury, it is difficult to interpret the financial feasibility of the programme and hence the pace at which it will be implemented. South Africa’s fiscus is already under pressure, and while the Health Minister notes in his speech that the system will be designed such that it is affordable, the projections of total expenditure show probable high costs to be collected off the current tax base.

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Lara Wayburne

National Director – NMG Benefits Actuarial Services


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