Why you should attend the next Benefits Breakfast


Financial security is at the heart of a business’s employee benefits programme and NMG aims to equip employers with the confidence for correct decision-making that will be beneficial for employees. These decisions are meant to protect the ongoing health and retirement opportunities of employees and their families – while ensuring business success.

We provide clients with unbiased and professional guidance on the delivery and management of employee medical, life and disability insurance and retirement solutions.

So why is attending NMG Benefits Breakfast important?

At our previous Benefits Breakfast, which took place on 15 February 2018, 40 clients participated in an interactive meeting that helped them take a holistic view of their employee benefits programme.

The event had some key highlights that took place:

  • Communication came up in almost every focus group as an area that needs a lot more attention
  • Our members have an information overload and often do not understand benefit communication, devaluing the benefit of what they are saving for
  • HR needs to claim their space more – need to be “in your face” defending the right to drive benefit management
  • Artificial intelligence and online tools are there to augment human performance, not replace it, hence the need for benefits consultants and benefit advisors will remain to guide employees in making the right decisions.
  • “Employee benefits is a personal topic – more personal touch is needed.  This requirement fits in with the previous point made on the increasing use of digital solutions.

NMG Benefits Breakfast Focus Group event looks to address the use of the full suite of employee benefits offered, such as study support, additional leave, travel allowance, flexible working hours, canteens and other subsidies, to support the HR and company strategy. Attending these breakfast events allows you to have your say and participate in developing solutions.

The process starts with gaining knowledge of your business and the needs of the people first and then considering the employee benefits needs. You will be given the opportunity to take the stage and share some experiences in managing benefit provision in a millennial workforce, and an ageing workforce faced with retirement and insufficient savings.

The last event created such a buzz in the room as participants shared, debated and collaborated on the topics posed to them. We covered the role of HR in setting strategy and also how benefits should be used as a strategic driver.

If you would like to join the next event or participate in the survey, please send an email to benchmark@nmg.co.za

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