NMG SmartFund Offerings

Employers can select any of the following SmartFund offerings:


For the Employer who prefers to leave investment portfolio construction in the hands of the professionals. Underpinned by the NMG SmartAssets investment range powered by Sygnia Life.

For a little more choice; SmartSelect offers the SmartAssets investment range as the default, but introduces additional flexibility for the member via the SmartSingle investment managers.

For Employers who wish to construct their own investment portfolio range – using managers listed on the NMG investment platforms ;  ftgjnininitjkjnkjnjkj kjkjkk knknkkkkk  kkkkkkkkkk  kkkkkkkkkk k k k k kkkkk 

The NMG SmartAssets investment team continually monitors and reviews our Risk Profiled portfolios to ensure that clients’ objectives are met within a long-term risk framework, taking current market conditions into consideration.

NMG and Sygnia Asset Management have made several changes to the three risk-profiled SmartAssets portfolios, which were launched to NMG clients in 2014. We are in the process of implementing these changes. The transition to the new structure is underway and we are aiming for completion in June 2018.

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