Actuarial & Strategic Consulting

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What We Do

Intuition or ‘inspired leadership’ alone cannot guide companies through uncertainty. The NMG Benefits Actuarial and Strategic Consulting team provides our clients with valuable expertise in the areas of healthcare, retirement benefits and investments by turning data into insight. This prescience enables companies, retirement funds and medical schemes to make informed decisions based on NMG’s advice. Our rigorous analysis of ever-expanding data sets together with our in depth knowledge of the industries and markets in which our clients operate are key attributes of our delivery promise.

Our Approach

The NMG Benefits Actuarial and Strategic Consulting team uses deep analytics to develop tools, models and analysis to tackle business critical issues. Our solutions are customised so that we ultimately deliver solutions to key strategic planning issues. Our considerable practical experience is complemented by the use of leading technical, mathematical and analytical methodologies in all of our solutions.

NMG Benefits has one of the largest healthcare actuarial practices in Southern Africa.