Investment Consulting

What We Do

We work closely with clients both in South Africa and Namibia, to provide guidelines on the tolerance for risk and the resultant strategic allocation for the different asset classes within the overall investment portfolio. In addition, our extensive investment consulting and research knowledge enables us to provide a recommendation on the investment strategy.

We work with our clients on the various strategies that can be implemented to effectively manage Retirement Funds, Medical Schemes and Umbrella Funds Investment Architecture and Corporate and Individual investments . Our approach enables us to advise on the setting of appropriate investment goals and targets for each client. In addition to our traditional investment consulting services, we also design and manage bespoke investment portfolios which we execute through carefully selected investment administration partners.


Our Process

Our asset allocation philosophy and process is a direct outcome of the recommended risk benchmarks designed for our clients. We place reliance on the Fund’s Actuary to provide us with the guidelines on the Fund’s tolerance for risk. Our extensive investment consulting and research expertise are employed as some of the resources when designing and recommending client solutions. Our strategies are designed with the intention of maximising the likelihood of meeting clients’ investment objectives through controlling and managing risks that may result in objectives not being met.