NMG Briefs

The NMG Briefs section contains various short newsletters produced by the NMG Benefits Divisions for clients and interested parties. The last four editions of each newsletter will be found on this page.

The Advantage Healthcare Newsletter

Healthcare Advantage: Produced monthly by NMG’s clinical doctor, Dr Thapelo Motshudi.

April 2020  March 2020  February 2020

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The Connector Fund Newsletter

The Connector is a quarterly publication highlighting pertinent issues affecting the Retirement Industry in South Africa.

October 2018  July 2018  March 2018

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The Verdict

Produced quarterly by our Retirement Fund Consulting’s Legal and Compliance team, the Verdict “snapshots” one issue per edition about legal matters affecting the Retirement Industry in South Africa

January 2018  Sept 2017  June 2017  January 2017

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Legal Update

As and when a legislative change happens, our consultants communicate and explain what the changes mean to both members of retirement funds and employers.

Edition 5 Edition 4 Edition 3 Edition 2 Edition 1

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Investment Newsletter

Investment Newsletter : Issued quarterly, predominantly designed for the larger free-standing retirement fund clients. It contains general investment material, economic updates, market returns and then specific portfolio returns.

Edition 1  Edition 2  Edition 3  Edition 4

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Produced quarterly by our NMG Employee Benefits experts, the Dashboard is a summary of important legislative changes affecting employee benefits.

Edition 04  Edition 05  Edition 06  Edition 07

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