NMG Benefits

Benefit Benchmark Study Focus Group Event

Why should you attend?

We at NMG Benefits are excited to invite you to our benefit benchmarking study focus group event in partnership with SA Board for People Practices (SABPP). This will be hosted on 15 February 2018 at Holiday Inn Sandton. We look forward to your RSVP.

In Southern Africa, benefit provision by employers is an important component of overall remuneration, especially in the context of our socio-economic profile and limited social benefit structures. Yet it seems often to be brushed off with, “as long as we meet the average” or it becomes a tick box exercise. Employee benefits extend far beyond pension, medical aid and life insurance. What about study support, additional leave, travel allowance, flexible working hours, canteens and other subsidies? How do you make these work for your employees, support the strategic drive, and the company’s financial function in containing costs? The NMG Benefits benchmarking study was brought about to assist employers to address these concerns.

Come join us as we share the views with those in the industry and tackle some of the tough questions in our focus group. Your solution could be the key to unlock the challenges we are facing. Help us to connect the dots between HR, Employee Benefits and Strategy. Your view matters!