Dear Prospective Learner

Thank you for your interest in the NGM Long Term Insurance NQF4 Learnership.

We will be recruiting 15 unemployed Matric Learners in total, including learners living with disabilities.

What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a work based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work, in our instance this is the insurance industry.

Learnerships are managed by Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and were introduced by government to help skill learners and to prepare them for the workplace.

Learnership programmes can help you to gain the necessary skills and workplace experience that will open up better employment or self-employment opportunities.

The NMG Long Term Insurance learnership will afford you a fixed term contract while you are studying towards the qualification. Once the qualification is complete the learnership will also end.

What are the benefits for the NMG Learners?

  • You may have better employment opportunities after completing a learnership;
  • You have a fixed-term employment contract for the duration of the learnership;
  • Learnerships improve on the job performance so you are able to do things relevant to the job;
  • You obtain a nationally-recognised qualification that is relevant to the sector; and
  • You earn a learner allowance for the duration of the learnership.

Who should apply?

Did you Matriculate between 2014 and 2018?

Did you attain a pass rate of level 4 or above in English?

Did you attain a pass rate of level 4 or above in Pure Maths or a level 5 and above in Maths Lit?

Did you attain a pass rate of level 4 or above in accounting or Business Economics?

If you answered YES to all the above, you qualify to apply to be part of our 2019 learnership program. Please send the following documents to grad-learners@nmg.co.za:

  1. Your detailed CV
  2. Your matric certificate
  3. A copy of your ID

Closing date for applications:

29 October 2018. Late applications will not be considered.

Applicants will need to send their CV’s to grad-Learners@nmg.co.za

Best regards,

NMG Benefits Learning & Development