NMG Umbrella SmartFund

If you want your employees to go further for you, you have to give them something to move toward.

You need to give them peace of mind for tomorrow with a retirement plan, so they can give their full attention to the work at hand, today.

About the NMG Umbrella SmartFund

The NMG Umbrella SmartFund is NMG Benefits’ flagship umbrella fund.  It combines the contributions of many employers and members to reduce costs through economies of scale. The cost of the fund reduces as the number of members increases in an umbrella fund.

The fund provides tailor-made solutions for employers and members. The fund is flexible in that benefits can be structured to meet the needs of your membership.  The fund aims to offer a best of breed solution for employers and members.

We understand that not all employers and company cultures are alike and that different groups of members may need different levels of investment flexibility. For this reason, participating employers can choose the most appropriate investment strategy from the range offered by the fund.