NMG Umbrella SmartFund

Strong long-term investment performance Working for you Low fees
We’re a top performing umbrella fund which has given members strong returns for years The best advice for every member, the best employee benefits strategy for every employer, and the best investment strategy for every fund Competitive administration and investment fees, and there’s no cost to set up your account

About the NMG Umbrella SmartFund

The NMG Umbrella SmartFund combines the contributions of many employers and members to deliver your members the benefits of scale: better investment returns, improved services, and lower costs.

The fund provides both standardised and custom solutions for employers and members. Benefits can be structured to meet the needs of your members. The fund aims to offer a best of breed solution for employers and members.

Not all employers and company cultures are alike, and different groups of members may need different approaches to investment. Employers can choose the most appropriate investment strategy from the range offered by the fund, both NMG’s SmartAssets range and third-party fund managers.

SmartAssets portfolio achieves optimal level of return for risk assumed as at the end of February 2021

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Head of Growth
Scott Harvey
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