NMG SmartFund Offerings

If you want your employees to go further for you, you have to give them something to move toward.

You need to give them peace of mind for tomorrow with a retirement plan, so they can give their full attention to the work at hand, today.

NMG SmartFund offerings

The fund offers simple, easy to understand communication that meets the latest legislative requirements. Data analysis is used to assist the management committee with setting its communication strategy. The message being communicated can then be tailored to the specific issues that the fund and members are experiencing.
A board of trustees runs the NMG Umbrella SmartFund. The board is guided by the law and the rules of the fund.  There are four board members – two are independent and two are sponsor appointed.  The board has set up a vigorous governance framework to ensure that the fund is managed appropriately. Each participating employer can choose to have a management committee. If there is a committee, members must be represented on the committee. If there is no management committee, the employer should appoint representatives to help manage the fund for its members.