Actuarial Services

A company cannot run on inspiration and intuition alone. There will  be unexpected twists and turns along the way and navigating these will always be a challenge with risk and uncertainty constantly obscuring the way forward… unless you have the help of people who know how to use numbers to see further and find a better way.

How we can help

The NMG Benefits Actuarial Consulting team provides our clients with valuable expertise by turning data into insights that can then be used to tackle critical business issues.

Actuarial and strategic services

NMG Benefits has one of the largest healthcare actuarial practices in Southern Africa, though our expertise extends beyond this into services for an array of other industries as well. These services include:

  • Leveraging deep analytics to develop effective tools and models of analysis
  • Researching and analysing key statistical data for actionable insights to reduce risk and liability
  • Predictive modelling to estimate the probability and likely cost that events such as death, sickness or an accident could have on your business
  • Designing, testing and administering medical policies, retirement plans and investments to minimize risk and maximize profitability
  • Monitoring fluctuations within financial markets across industries
  • Presenting and explaining findings and implications to clients
  • Reducing the overall risk of business portfolios
  • Providing retirement funds with actuarial and valuator services.

Our approach

Our rigorous analysis of ever-expanding data sets together with our in-depth knowledge of the industries and markets in which our clients operate are key attributes of our delivery promise. It’s our considerable experience, together with our use of leading technical methodologies that makes it possible for us to develop creative, customised solutions for your unique business.