Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare. It’s often the most expensive component of your employee benefits strategy… but it is also the most vital.

Your employees cannot power a healthy business if they are not empowered to maintain their own health first.

How we can help

NMG Benefits works in partnership with you to enhance and maintain the wellbeing and health of your employees for maximum productivity at minimum expense. We specialise in the evaluation, selection, implementation and risk management of medical schemes from a range of healthcare and wellness  providers to ensure optimum, best value cover for your employees. This extends to coverage and insurance for staff members operating outside of South Africa’s borders as well.

Healthcare services

Our extensive, specialist suite of unique NMG solutions and value-added services enable companies to understand, track, manage, customise, improve and engage in real-time with the overall health and wellbeing of their employees. These include:

  • NMG’s health portal that provides employers and employees with tools to assist in their decision-making process
  • Consulting and advisory services that give the employer access to a team of trusted, highly skilled in-house strategic experts
  • Employee education and communication platforms to identify and address member issues on an individual level and in a proactive manner before they can present a problem to the business
  • Custom HR & Payroll services
  • Actuarial-based reporting and analytics tools to inform health and wellness decisions
  • Infrastructure to manage changes, additions and updates on existing scheme memberships
  • A powerful SmartStrategy process to assess your organisation’s health asset performance and help your wellness providers to enhance this performance
  • Additional in-depth advice on gap cover, employee assistance and wellness programmes, primary care, international healthcare, travel cover, international risk cover, and general health and accident cover.

Our approach

Gaining a deep appreciation of your business is important to us. It allows us to carefully and insightfully analyse your employees’ needs and develop a mutually beneficial healthcare and wellness strategy to suit your business. Then we can source the best value products and solutions, and tailor them to your unique requirements.

All of our health and wellness strategies have clearly-defined and measurable outcomes which can be tracked through our Integrated Health Dashboard to ensure they deliver a return on investment and ultimately translate into a positive impact on production, absenteeism, staff morale and staff retention.