Investment Consulting

Intelligent investing is a complex art and it only becomes more multi-layered when the investment is tied to your company’s employee benefits. You can’t watch the markets 24/7, so you need someone who can look ahead and help you navigate this constantly changing horizon of opportunity as well as risk.

How we can help

The NMG Investment Consulting team is focused on helping our clients develop global-view investment solutions with optimum risk tolerance and returns. We work closely with our clients to develop strategic guidelines that can be implemented to effectively manage and enhance retirement funds, medical schemes, umbrella funds, and corporate and individual  investments.

Investment consulting services

All of our strategies, services and solutions are designed on a fit-for-purpose operation model. Our ongoing services include:

  • Comprehensive investment consulting
  • Formulation and review of investment strategies
  • Bespoke investment solutions
  • Training on investments and updates on investment-related industry developments
  • Assistance in legislative compliance
  • Asset liability modelling
  • Setting strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Investment goal assessment and target advisory
  • Qualitative and quantitative asset management research
  • Setting and monitoring of mandates
  • Strategic and operational implementation
  • Strategic planning of member communication and delivery
  • Investment performance monitoring, reviewing and reporting
  • Rebalancing strategies.

Our approach

We are focused on helping you develop investment solutions that are customised to your needs and executed with the preferred underlying fee budgets. Our asset allocation philosophy and process is a direct outcome of globally recommended risk benchmarks, and our bespoke client solutions go above and beyond the traditional industry offering to deliver prudent and personalised investment solutions.