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Collective Healthcare & Wellness Solutions for ISASA Member Schools

Composed and presented by NMG Benefits

Finding affordable and reliable medical cover for all staff members has become increasingly challenging. To have peace of mind that all staff members are adequately covered for both unforeseen as well as certain planned medical procedures, NMG Benefits has successfully found the most affordable and effective healthcare solutions for ISASA member schools.We have devoted a lot of time to find the best healthcare benefits for all member schools of ISASA.

We bring these health and wellness solutions to you in support of the objective to add tangible value to member schools. Financial security and member requirementsare at the heart of the collective offering and the advice NMG gives will give business managers the confidence that the best solutions are in place for each School specifically. These unique solutions will protect, encourage and support the ongoing health of staff members and their families, whilst ensuring efficiencies and higher productivity in the working environment.

NMG has leveraged its relationships and collective negotiating capabilities to bring the most cost-effective, value-adding, uncomplicated and transparent solutions to ISASA. This offering is underpinned and supported by a passionate and dedicated service team who provide ongoing advice and support to business managers and staff members.


1. Primary Healthcare Solution for Lower Earning Staff – Maintenance & Support Teaching Staff
2. Affordable Hospital Plan and Wellness Benefits for Teaching Staff
3. Gap Cover Solution for members on Hospital and other Medical Aid Plans
4. Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for all staff members
5. Wellness Initiatives for all Staff (extended to learners where required)
6. Service and Support Platform for all staff members

Please contact Lindi Bruce: 021 943 1800

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