Retirement Fund Consulting and Administration

If you want your employees to go further for you, you have to give them something to move toward.

You need to give them peace of mind for tomorrow with a retirement plan, so they can give their full attention to the work at hand, today.

How we can help

The basis of good work is goodwill between employer and employee. NMG Benefits provides retirement consulting and administration services to help the employer protect this bond with the promise of a bright future for his or her employees, even after they stop working for the company. Our efficient management of these funds also fuels greater tax incentives and attracts top talent for our clients.

Our trusted fund consultants provide the following services:

  • Accredited advice on benefit structuring, contribution rates, risk benefits and investment advice in the context of the retirement fund, using data analysis to inform decision making
  • Member communication and presentations
  • Guidance on legislative changes
  • Assured operational effectiveness of your chosen fund.

NMG Umbrella SmartFund

The NMG Umbrella SmartFund is our flagship umbrella retirement fund. It aims to educate members on the long-term implications of their financial choices.

Not all organisations are alike, which is why this fund is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing employers to choose their level of involvement in managing the fund. A vigorous governance framework is in place to ensure that the fund is managed appropriately and profitably for its members.

Administrative services

NMG offers comprehensive retirement fund administration services that are tailored to the needs of the fund, the employer and members. We are big enough to compete with the larger administrators but small enough to deliver personal service.

Our consultants believe that it’s important to ensure that members are able to reach a comfortable retirement income.  They help the trustees and employer ensure better outcomes so that members can receive an adequate income in their retirement. From an administration perspective, we offer the following services:

  • Capturing, updating and maintaining of member records
  • Managing investments towards retirement for members
  • Updating financial records
  • Quarterly or annual member communications about benefits, depending on the preference of the employer
  • Fund reporting to both employers and members
  • Enabling employers and members to access real-time information, a friendly and helpful contact centre, and a user-friendly, integrated accounting system via the online portal.

Our approach

NMG provides consulting and administration services to ensure benefits are delivered as planned, with absolute professionalism, precision and up-to-the-minute legislative compliance you can count on.

We take our trusted advisor status very seriously and, as an independent organisation, don’t have financial interests in other service providers, investment managers or insurers. This means we can always be relied on to put our clients’ best interests first. Engagement, transparency, flexibility, attention to detail and professionalism are the hallmarks of the retirement solutions we provide to employers, funds, trustees and individuals.