Many people make poor financial decisions which often lead to distress and lack of peace of mind. These decisions often don’t come from negligence but simply from not being educated about matters of finance. Research shows that 67%* of adults in Africa are financially illiterate. Just how financially literate are you?

Financial stress affects productivity and performance directly and indirectly. Employees oppressed with financial problems are unlikely to offer you their focused attention at their full potential. Financial strain often leads to lack of focus, absenteeism, health problems & poor decision making but most important to employees is it reduces the morale of your most valued assets.


Introducing SmartAlec

NMG SmartAlec, equips you with knowledge to understand financial matter through easy to grasp, story-driven educational content that is delivered to your mobile phone, wherever you are.

NMG SmartAlec teaches you Basic Finance from banking, types of bank accounts, payments and savings to entry level and sophisticated investment portfolios. It also provides guidance on short- and long-term insurance.

How does it work?

NMG SmartAlec is a WhatsApp-based interactive tool that chats to you just like the rest of your contacts. Think of it as the reliable friend you have whom you can call on to empower you with financial education. All you need is a smartphone that has data connectivity and WhatsApp installed. If you do not have WhatsApp, SmartAlec can easily be accessed on a computer.

What does it offer?

NMG SmartAlec offers you 4 courses in 3 South African languages, namely: English, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

The 4 courses include:

  • Basic Finance 1
  • Basic Finance 2
  • Retirements
  • Insurance

*Current courses under development include Healthcare and Advanced Retirement Fund

NMG SmartAlec is your brainy friend on finance matters that you can engage with anytime, anywhere, conveniently via WhatsApp.

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