The NMG Group holds a significant stake in iGO4 Limited, a UK personal lines insurance provider, founded in 2007.

The company’s consumer brands are iGO4 Essentials, iGO4 Insurance and iGO4 More. iGO4 offers an innovative approach to personal lines insurance, by embracing consumers’ switch to price comparison sites and the broadening and increasingly sophisticated profile of price conscious consumers today.

The business has grown significantly in the last two years and is now on track to become one of the largest personal lines insurance brokers in the UK, with a market-leading position in the dynamic and innovative market for tailored insurance pricing underpinned by telematics devices.

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iGO4 Partners is a leading UK affinity provider of personal lines insurance solutions, which works with a host of leading brands. These include Santander UK PLC, first direct, Renault and Honda. The company delivers exceptional product and service solutions across car, home, motorbike and van insurance.

In addition to the affinity partnerships business, iGO4 Partners provides a first-class broking solution for brokers and insurers seeking to exit personal lines administration, providing branded solutions and ongoing income streams.

iGO4 Partners, formerly known as Equity Insurance Partnerships, was acquired by NMG in February 2014 and rebranded in June 2014.

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