Management Consulting

NMG’s Management Consulting practice, formerly known as
Tria Investment Partners.

NMG Consulting acquired Tria Investments Partners in 2013.

We work with financial services clients to improve their long-term positioning and performance. We work with the full spectrum of industry participants including distributors, fund managers, insurers, asset managers, pension funds and statutory entities, public and private for-profit and not-for-profit financial institutions.

Our list of services include:

  • Distribution channel design, management and optimisation
  • Product development and product management
  • Business, capability and performance diagnostics
  • Baseline and business case development
  • Project management and implementation

The majority of our Management Consulting projects focus on large, mature markets that present a high degree of regulatory and competitive intensity, and lower levels of organic market growth. However a growing minority involve working with clients to transfer or translate global innovations or best practices into new markets, or focus on issues or opportunities that sit at the intersection of multiple segments (for example, investments, insurance and advice).

We are  specialist consultants to the wealth and asset management industries. Our team provides strategy, management consulting and analytical services based on unique industry insights derived from original research and thought leadership. Our detailed implementation services are based on practitioners with extensive practical experience and a long track record of delivery. Typical implementation projects include:

  • Product developments
  • Remediations
  • Restructurings
  • Acquisitions, disposals, mergers, and lift-outs
Our Difference

We are differentiated from generalist management consulting and professional service providers by our industry specialisation and expertise. The majority of our consultants have come to NMG from industry backgrounds and line roles, giving them practical, hands on experience and insight into organisational and industry dynamics. At the same time our business revolves around intellectual property rather than resource leverage. Our management consulting units have access to NMG’s insights and analytics studies, whether in testing and validating distribution and product concepts, or as an objective input to diagnostic and performance management projects.


We work with participants across the wealth value chain, including banks, asset managers, superannuation and pension funds, and financial advice, to resolve ‘fork in the road’ decisions relating to competitive or growth strategy – market participation, value proposition, business configuration, and business economics.

The combination of specialist focus, proprietary research, and analytics gives us a unique perspective on the market, including the opportunities and risks it generates.


Wealth management projects are unique. We are the partner of choice to deliver critical wealth management projects which must go right the first time.

Our unblemished record is due to our implementation team which combines deep subject matter expertise, extensive knowledge of wealth management stakeholders, and experience with the success factors specific to major wealth management projects. Typical implementation projects include:

  • Product developments
  • Remediations
  • Restructurings
  • Acquisitions, disposals, mergers, and lift-outs


With a deep understanding of the market, strategic insights developed through consulting assignments and proprietary research capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to provide value-added analytics to financial services clients. We are commonly called on to answer bespoke questions relating to competitive strategy. In addition, we have the following regular programs:

  • Managed Funds Review – an insights-laden, data-driven view of the Australian managed funds market
  • Super Funds Review – the authority to the business metrics which matter in Australia’s superannuation system
  • Australian CIO study – annual insights on the changes occurring in Australia’s largest institutional investors including ratings of a select number of asset managers.