Asset Management

NMG works with asset managers, from boutiques through to institutionally-owned specialists, to banks and insurer-owned captives. Some clients are seeking to apply expertise in a specific asset class or geography into new markets; others are looking to evolve their business models to deliver improved growth, profitability or sustainability, or to manage changes in ownership structure or market environment.

We work with clients on resolving the big questions relating to strategy, channel development and product management, and on shifting business configuration to support growth (including structuring shared services and third-party administration arrangements). We also have extensive experience supporting the implementation of multi-boutique and multi-specialist business models end-to-end, including incentive design, and financial and organisational change issues associated with implementation.

Our Asset Management team is composed of consultants with experience in product management, investment process and operations. We bring a unique combination of technical expertise, industry experience and independence.

Our Capabilities