NMG works with multinational and domestic insurers across life and non-life insurance markets. Our coverage and approach reflects the reality that insurance is a multinational rather than global market, dominated by a relatively small number of truly cross-country propositions, with considerable market-by-market differentiation and complexity around demand and supply dynamics, as well as regulation.

In life insurance we cover the life risk/protection, saving and investment and annuities segments with a particular focus on contestable channels: brokers, multi-tied agency and IFA, bank and affinity partnerships. Our consulting experience and research studies span the largest and most sophisticated risk markets as well as key emerging markets and cross-border niches, helping us to identify the opportunities, learnings and innovations that are relevant to our clients.

In the non-life segment we cover health and general/A&C insurance, focusing on direct, bank and affinity channels and innovations around product design, pricing and risk selection practices. We have extensive experience advising non-insurers (banks, retailers and other franchise owners) on designing and implementing insurance distribution channels. We also have a real appreciation of the innovations in the health insurance market, including the development of wellness and the growth of the international private medical (IPMI) segment.

We offer a strategic understanding of demand and supply dynamics, objective insight on competition and capability as well as expertise around the end-to-end business economics and risk assessment, claims and reinsurance practices.

Our Capabilities


Most of NMG’s Reports are not available without a subscription, but below is a small sample of some of our recent reports.

Global Life – Bancassurance

This report focuses on the large, growing and increasingly contested segment of Bancassurance – the sale of insurance products via bank channels or into a bank customer base.

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International Private Medical Insurance (2014)

This report focuses on markets and competitive dynamics in the international private medical insurance (IPMI) industry.

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UK Protection Market (2012)

This report focuses on the market and competitive dynamics of the UK Protection industry.

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