NMG works with major reinsurers, providing advice underpinned by our insights into market and competitive dynamics, derived from our global reinsurance studies. Our studies are unique in terms of their breadth and depth, covering over 1,500 life/health cedants in more than 50 countries annually, as well as intermediaries in selected non-life markets.

In reinsurance we focus on portfolio/participation strategy (market and segment attractiveness and entry strategies), resetting business configuration and organisational structures, and on long-term projects focused on competitive settings and performance management.

Our specialisation, business model (integrating Consulting, Insights and Analytics) and global contact network are key differentiators in reinsurance, given:

  • The nature of the market (complex, dynamic and with long exposure tails)
  • Sector participation (a few large, complex institutions operating across multiple geographies and segments at the one end, and segment- or country-based specialists at the other) and
  • The scarcity of alternative sources of objective, global insight and analytics around business placement, competitive dynamics and business economics.

Our Capabilities