Wealth Management

NMG works with participants along the wealth management value chain, including advice providers, retail product manufacturers, administrators and pension funds. Our emphasis is on major domestic businesses (given the highly localised and regulated nature of the market), although we also work with leading cross-border specialists targeting high net worth, corporate/employee benefits and expatriate segments. We have extensive experience across not-for-profit and government-owned pension funds, as well as for-profit financial institutions.

At NMG we are particularly focused on defined contribution (DC) markets, where a significant proportion of savings and investments flow either via advised channels (into platforms, managed investments and life-wrapped savings and investment products) or via incentivised or compulsory savings allocations into public or private pension funds. Across our consulting and research businesses we bring a unique understanding of the dynamics of open-architecture business models and of value chain disaggregation, including the implications for competitive dynamics. We have extensive experience in strategy – including market entry, competitive strategy and M&A – as well as in product and proposition design, implementation and business configuration.

We differ from mainstream consultancies in the information advantage generated through our proprietary capability studies in retail and corporate wealth, our depth of expertise in product development, product management and implementation, and our insights into strategic issues that sit at the intersection of advised distribution, product manufacturing and risk management (asset management or insurance).

Our Capabilities


Most of NMG’s Reports are not available without a subscription, but below is a sample of one of our recent reports.