Key People

Meet the key people who have chosen to make a career at NMG Consulting. They are responsible for creating a culture that retains outstanding people.

Mark Prichard, CEO

Key People Mark Prichard

CEO, Sydney Consulting and Lead for Reinsurance

Location: Sydney

Mark is a founder of NMG and the CEO of NMG Consulting. He is responsible for NMG’s consulting and insights activities in the reinsurance segment globally, working primarily with multinational reinsurers across strategy (including market entry and M&A), organizational change and business performance management. Mark led the development of NMG’s Analytics propositions in Australia and the UK. Mark has over 20 years of experience working with insurers and reinsurers across the UK, Europe, US and Canada, South Africa, Asia and Australia, initially as an actuary (in both corporate and consulting settings) and subsequently as a consultant focused on strategy and management issues.

David Burns Key People David Burns

Partner, London Consulting

Location: London

David was a founder of NMG’s UK business established in 1999. He has over 25 years of experience in insurance and investments across corporate roles and consulting in the UK and overseas. David’s primary focus is on the NMG Capital portfolio of private equity businesses which include telematics insurance, data science consulting and financial planning. This involves working with the senior executives within each of the business on strategy, business planning and corporate governance. Alongside his NMG Capital responsibilities David continues to work with a number of consulting clients and to lead NMG’s work on regulatory developments around distribution in the UK.

Hamish WorsleyKey People Hamish Worsley

Partner, Insights and Lead, Wealth Management Segment

Location: Perth

Hamish is responsible for NMG’s Insights programmes in life insurance, wealth management, asset management and corporate benefits across the UK and Europe, Middle East and Asia. He also works with clients to apply findings and recommendations, in re-shaping their businesses (through market segmentation, service re-alignment and changes to product and pricing structures) and creating long-term performance management and measurement frameworks. He has over 25 years of experience as a corporate actuary and then as a consultant, in NMG since 1997.

Ashwin FieldKey People Ashwin Field

Partner, Global Strategy Consulting and Lead, Life Insurance Segment

Location: Sydney

Ashwin works with major banks and insurers on questions of participation strategy, business configuration and economics and a focus on retail and alternative distribution channels (bank, broker and direct). He has worked on domestic market entry, M&A, portfolio re-structuring and organisational change assignments in markets including Australia, the UK, South Africa and Asia. He has also worked extensively with cross-border insurers, platforms and asset managers focused on the HNW and expatriate segments internationally. He has over 15 years of experience in the insurance and wealth sectors working in both consulting and corporate roles, including his time in NMG since 2004.

Andrew BakerKey People Andrew Baker

Partner, UK & EMEA

Location: London

Andrew is the leader of NMG Consulting’s UK & EMEA practice, working with boards, CEOs, and management teams in the wealth management, asset management, and protection industries.  He specialises in strategy consulting, and management consulting for market-facing capabilities (products, pricing & profitability; marketing; distribution; advice & assistance), for both for-profit and not-for-profit participants.  Andrew is also a leader in assessing industry and policy issues for client advocacy, including ground-breaking work measuring non-compliance with compulsory pensions.

Andrew was the founder in 2004 of Tria Investment Partners (acquired by NMG in 2013) and his work is widely recognised for its insightful industry analysis and thought leadership.   As developer of widely read industry note Trialogue and the Super Funds Review, Andrew is quoted and published on a broad range of industry issues. He has over 25 years of experience, including senior executive and consulting roles, across pension funds, platforms, asset management, and advice.

Oliver HeskethKey People Oliver Hesketh Management Consulting (formerly Tria Investment Partners)

Partner, Sydney Consulting and Lead, Wealth Management Segment

Location: Sydney

Oliver is responsible for NMG’s Management Consulting practice (formerly Tria Investment Partners). Oliver focuses on the wealth and asset management industry, working with for-profit and not-for-profit financial institutions on strategic growth initiatives, distribution, product development and organisational change. He is also responsible for NMG’s research in the managed funds and superannuation markets, and in direct investments including research into ETFs and online trading. Oliver has over 11 years’ experience in the wealth management industry (across Australia and the UK), including his time in NMG since 2007.

Jane CraigKey People Jane Craig

Partner, Qualitative Research, Insights

Location: London

Jane focuses on developing qualitative research studies to drive client decision-making in respect of product development, distribution and consumer dynamics, and the impact of regulatory change. She is responsible for NMG’s bespoke and ongoing research activities in the UK market across insurance, savings and investments segments. Jane is a qualitative research specialist, but also has management consulting and change management experience. Jane has over 20 years of experience in research and consulting within financial services, including her time in NMG since 1999.

Mark Watmore Key People Mark Watmore Management Consulting (formerly Tria Investment Partners)

Partner, Management Consulting

Location: Sydney

Mark was a founder of Tria Investment Partners (acquired by NMG in 2013) and is a Partner in NMG’s Management Consulting practice (formerly known as Tria Investment Partners). Mark focuses on long-term projects in wealth management, having managed a range of large-scale, complex remediation, implementation and organisational change programmes. Mark is also involved in NMG’s Australian wealth management Insights studies. He has over 20 years of experience in the wealth management sector, including several senior corporate roles.

Janar Weerasingam Key People Janar Weerasingam

Partner, Insights

Location: Sydney

Janar was the founder of NMG’s Insights business. He is based in Sydney and is responsible for the Australian retail and group risk studies, as well as contributing to the development of new life insurance studies internationally. Janar has over 20 years of management consulting experience in the USA and Australia across financial services, manufacturing and utilities, including his time in NMG since 2004.

Roshan Perera Key People Roshan Perera

Partner, Asia Consulting

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Roshan focuses on the general insurance market in South-East Asia, including statutory and strategic projects for insurers, reinsurers and regulators. He has experience across product development and pricing, capital management, reinsurance structuring, financial modelling and business planning, risk management and process and systems design. In addition to his client activities Roshan is also responsible for NMG’s Kuala Lumpur-based analytics hub. Roshan has over 15 years of experience in actuarial, management, and business development roles with insurance and consulting firms in Asia and in the UK, including his time in NMG since 2009.

Rick FlaspohlerKey People Rick Flaspohler

Partner, Flaspöhler Research Group

Location: Kansas City

Rick is a Partner of NMG Consulting, and was the founder of Flaspöhler Research Group (now part of NMG Consulting). Rick is responsible for NMG’s Insights programmes in non-life (P&C) reinsurance in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Rick is also involved with commercial lines, health care, reinsurance brokerage and other consulting and insights activities in North America.

Merl W. BakerBrightwork Merl

Partner, Quantitative Research, Insights

Location: Stamford

Merl is a Partner of NMG Consulting and was the founder of Brightwork Partners (now NMG Consulting).  Merl is responsible for the NMG’s Quantitative Insights Programs and custom analytics in institutional financial services in North America. He also produces a monthly subscription based newsletter, ‘Brightwork Perspectives’. Merl has over 30 years’ experience in business-to-business quantitative research.

Jane Cheng Jane-Cheng

Partner, Strategy Consulting, Insights and Analytics

Location: Sydney

Jane focuses on insurance and reinsurance segments and has responsibility for NMG’s life insurance analytics and profitability studies in Australia. Jane runs NMG’s annual South Africa reinsurance programmes covering life and non-life reinsurance segments and has extensive involvement in NMG’s Global reinsurance programme. Jane also works on strategy consulting assignments with major banks, insurers and reinsurers across Australia, Asia, Europe and South Africa. She has over 12 years of experience in the insurance sector working in both consulting and corporate roles, including her time in NMG since 2007.

Evan Baars Key People Evan Baars

Principal Consultant, Insights

Location: London

Evan is responsible for NMG’s South African Consulting, Insights and Analytics activities across life insurance, wealth management and asset management. In addition, he remains heavily involved in the UK’s strategy consulting business – typically around distribution strategy.

Edmund Campbell Key People Edmund Campbell

Principal Consultant, Insights

Location: London

Edmund is responsible for NMG’s annual Asia reinsurance programme (covering life and health reinsurance) and Asia-Pacific wealth management studies (covering private banking, wealth management and insurance). Edmund also works on consulting assignments involving reinsurers and life insurers in Asia, with a particular focus on the Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan markets. He is based in Hong Kong, and has over 12 years of experience in the insurance and asset management sectors working in both consulting and corporate roles, including his time in NMG since 2011.

Paul Ernest Key People Paul Ernest

Principal Consultant, Insights

Location: London

Paul is responsible for NMG’s life insurance and reinsurance studies in Europe and the Middle East. He works with domestic and multinational life insurers and reinsurers on issues of competitive strategy and performance management, and also contributes as a subject matter expert to consulting assignments in these markets. Paul has over 20 years of experience as a specialist insurance and reinsurance consultant in Europe, including his time in NMG since 2010.

Janet HarrisKey People Janet Harris

Principal Consultant, Insights

Location: Toronto

Janet manages NMG’s reinsurance programmes in North America. Janet has over 25 years of experience in the insurance, reinsurance and retrocession sectors in Canada, the United States and several key international markets. She established her career in life reinsurance underwriting and moved into marketing and business development roles later in her career.

David HutchisonKey People David Hutchison Management Consulting (formerly Tria Investment Partners)

Principal Consultant, Management Consulting

Location: Sydney

David focuses on the wealth, asset management and advice segments, having a wide range of experience across these areas. He works with clients on strategy and product development initiatives across the value chain. David plays an important role in the development and production of insight programmes in the wealth management sector and has more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, including his time in NMG since 2015. David is part of the Management Consulting team, formerly known as Tria Investment Partners.

Siva KumarKey People Siva Kumar

Principal Consultant, Actuarial and Strategy Consulting

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Siva is a general insurance actuary based in Kuala Lumpur, with responsibilities for NMG Asia’s actuarial and analytics propositions. Siva’s experience includes statutory sign off roles for several clients in Asia, pricing, capital modelling, risk management, business planning, strategy and project management. He has 10 years of experience across life and general insurance in UK, Continental Europe, North America and Asia.

Charles LakeKey People Charles Lake

Principal Consultant, London Consulting

Location: London

Charles is responsible for NMG’s strategy consulting in the UK, focusing on participation and distribution strategy for asset managers, life insurers and wealth managers. Charles has over 5 years of experience working across NMG’s strategy and thought leadership teams, across markets including the UK, South Africa and the Middle East.

Karan SabharwalKey People Brian Modo

Principal Consultant, Global Insights

Location: Canada

Karan is responsible for NMG’s North American Consulting, Insights and Analytics activities across life insurance, wealth management and asset management. He primarily works with insurers and asset managers to shape strategy and manage business performance. Karan is an actuary with over 12 years of experience as a consultant with focus on helping clients find a better way.

James ZhangKey People James Zhang

Principal Consultant, Strategy Consulting

Location: Sydney

James works with clients within the insurance and wealth industries on market entry, distribution strategy, business configuration and M&A in multiple markets including Australia, UK, United States and South Africa. He has over 5 years’ experience, including his time in NMG since 2016, which also includes non-Life actuarial consulting projects across pricing, reserving and statutory reporting for clients in Australia.