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Value-for-money in UK asset management: taking a deeper look

What to make of the FCA’s PS18/8 Asset Management Study Remedies released last week? It looks like a damp squib in the wake of the key findings of the Asset Management Market Study June 2017 final report, but the value-for-money assessment and related disclosure requirements represent a significant new undertaking – equally an opportunity for […]

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UK equity release: returning to respectability

In Part 1 of our focus on equity release, we identified the core drivers of a growing equity release market – particularly the gap between the income needs of retirees and the yield potential of their non-housing assets. The potential for an income gap is clear from the gulf between pension and net property assets […]

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Rehabilitating UK equity release

Almost a dirty word following mis-selling incidents, equity release in the UK has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years. 2016 saw lending increase by 34% to pass £2bn for the first time, and Q3 2017 surpassed £800 million – the first quarter exceeding that figure and an increase of 18% on the previous […]

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Why Fidelity’s fulcrum fee model is more radical than it looks

The market reaction to Fidelity’s introduction of a “fulcrum” management fee model in its UK fund range from March 2018 has been – well – a bit underwhelming so far. Objections have included that base management fees are not changing much, that total fees are still too expensive, especially if the fund underperforms, and that […]

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Streamlined insurance distribution: a digital success story with lessons for wealth

The UK has a vigorous and innovative insurance industry which often leads its wealth and asset management peers in delivering customer value. The growth of streamlined insurance specialists using the digital channel to cost effectively distribute products and assistance is a notable success in its own right, and provides lessons for wealth and asset management. […]

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Bottom line vs triple bottom line: making ESG more sustainable

The role of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in investment strategy is growing, with the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance sizing the responsible asset management market as $23trn at the start of 2016. This represents a growth in AUM of 25% since 2014. In our institutional asset owner insight programs, we see an increasing number […]

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DC pensions: growth is coming; what about revenues and profit margins?

In our launch edition, we looked at how big increases in minimum contribution rates for DC pensions are likely to produce a DC pensions flow opportunity of >£20bn pa by 2019. Thanks to the structure of auto-enrolment and member inertia, fast growth in DC pension assets is largely assured.  By 2020, we estimate there will […]

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DC pensions: opportunity and challenges as AE turns flows into a flood

  The UK is experiencing a pensions revolution at a speed with little precedent globally.  Two of the three main components are playing out already, and the third is about to do so: Closure of defined benefit (DB) pension funds in favour of defined contribution (DC). Pensions freedoms, which have upended annuity markets in favour […]

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