Super Fund Review Research

The Super Fund Review has the metrics that matter for Australia’s superannuation market.

The Super Fund Review, 5th edition, is now available.

This comprehensive analysis covers all funds and entities with $1bn+ of super AUM and provides a single view of the total market and all major competitors and their suppliers across the retail and not-for-profit sectors. It focuses on key business metrics such as market share, flows, insights and trends.

The Super Funds Review is an indispensable strategy input and benchmarking tool.

Updated annually, this detailed report covers:

  • Market maps: location of all entities with $1bn or more in super assets across all segments – retail, industry, government, and corporate.
  • Market share tables, net inflow rankings, insights and trends.
  • Fund profiles for all 85 groups covered.

Click here to view sample slides from the 2013-14 review.

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