Industry Events

1st South Asian Actuarial Conference 2017

12-13 July, 2017: Roshan Perera presented on Innovation, Disruption, Opportunity at the 1st South Asian Actuarial Conference.  This blended well with the underlying theme of the 2-day conference which was about creating value for different stakeholders of insurance companies focusing on risk management, innovation and technology, regulation and education.

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IFoA, Asia Conference 2016

03-04 March, 2016: Matthew Maguire and Yuen Leng Chin from our Actuarial Consulting business presented at the second IFoA Asia Conference, Kuala Lumpur. Matthew and Yuen’s session focused on reserving (premium liability / claim liability) with simulation to allow for model uncertainty and utilising simulation to mitigate model error. Their views challenged some conventional thinking and made for a very interesting session.

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General Insurance Agents Convention 2016

04 August, 2016: Roshan Perera from our Actuarial Consulting business presented at the General Insurance Agents Convention, Kuala Lumpur. Roshan’s presentation focused on the impact of social media and big data on distribution.

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