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Reinsurance Broking: Is two too few? – M&A strategies in the primary P&C broking segment often have unintended ramifications upstream. And, on occasion, industry segments can become over-consolidated. In the case of reinsurance broking, two global giants would likely be too few, potentially pushing insurers to seek out new reinsurance broking partnerships in response. Maybe. Authored by Mark Prichard and Jane Cheng. Read more.



In a class of their own – September, 2018. Reinsurance brokers are an essential part of the value chain for P&C reinsurance globally. In fact, reinsurance brokers are so interwoven into the overall reinsurance proposition for P&C, it feels as if the term ‘intermediaries’ might no longer be appropriate. Authored by Jane Cheng and Shashini Abeygunawardena. Read more.



The six forces reshaping P&C insurance – September, 2018. Despite receding in degree, a leading concern for insurers and brokers globally is the prevailing level of excess supply driven by alternative capital, and consequent pricing levels. We have identified six global forces that are active in each of the (seven) regions analysed, with ‘digital transformation and innovation’ now being viewed as the leading challenge. Authored by Mark Prichard. Read more.



The Laws of Longevity Over Lunch – March, 2017. This is the beginning of a series of three articles on the topic of survival analysis and predictive modeling. We’ll find out what that is and why it’s useful in this first part. In Parts 2 and 3 we will talk about examples, where the methods have been applied, and what we found out using survival models, which we wouldn’t know otherwise. Read more.



InsureTech Pioneers June, 2017. The redesign of the process for acquisition and risk assessment in life insurance is well underway. Reinsurers have made major contributions, and their latest innovations are at the cutting edge of InsureTech. Authored by Mark Prichard, Jane Cheng and Maryan Kim. Read more.



Underground Solutions May, 2017.  Chinese authorities have openly disapproved of the practice, but can they stop it? Not likely. For several years, citizens from mainland China have been rushing into Hong Kong, buying life insurance policies that are then converted into foreign currency. Authored by Edmund Campbell. Read more.



The world’s leading life protection markets – April, 2017. Having fielded questions from clients and stakeholders for several years, we’ve eventually got around to producing a global index of total risk in-force for the world’s largest life insurance markets. Authored by Mark Prichard. Read more.



The importance of being different – October, 2016. ‘One size fits all’ service models are increasingly unsustainable, and as such reinsurers are beginning to implement more refined customer segmentation strategies to remain competitive. Co-authored by Mark Prichard and Rick Flaspohler. Read more.



Emerging Market Focus: Sri Lanka  July, 2016. Emerging markets ‘leap frog’ in terms of evolution.  They have a tendency for rapid development without the legacy issues or regulatory barriers that may inhibit growth and innovation as compared to more mature markets. Co-authored by Yuen Leng Chin and Roshan Perera.  Read more.



Becoming innovators June, 2016. Life insurance executives, like all executives, view the tech giants as today’s paragons of innovation. When it comes to their own industry however they are less generous: the overwhelming view is that the life insurance industry has generally resisted… Co-authored by Mark Prichard and Rick Flaspohler.  Read more.



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A time of increasing relevanceMarch, 2015. For the last five years, mainstream competitors operating in the life reinsurance segment have faced significant headwinds. Nevertheless, there’s evidence to suggest that life reinsurers are likely to grow in relevance within the life insurance industry…authored by Mark Prichard. Read more.