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Jennifer Grefen

It’s an exciting time for NMG to be launching a new website because we have certainly got a lot to share with our clients, prospective clients and those looking to expand their knowledge about the retirement industry or employee benefits.

The first bit of exciting news is that NMG Benefits is re-launching its umbrella offering, known as the NMG SmartFund. This ‘next generation’ umbrella fund is all about choice – yours to be exact, at both the employee and employer levels. Our SmartFund was designed to provide “Smart retirement solutions, the right way, all the way”.

Being “Smart” means understanding that employers have different needs, and so do individual members. That’s why the NMG SmartFund offers its choice through tiered structure: SmartFocus, SmartSelect, and SmartExpert. Within these tiers are various investment choices whereby employers and members of the fund can choose whether to stay with the Trustee choice SmartInvest range or branch off outside, or in fact, compile their own structure package in SmartExpert.
SmartFund is also NMG’s way to responding to the call by regulatory change driven by South Africa’s National Treasury department calling for greater transparency with regard to fees, and better governance in the retirement or pensions industry.

Stay tuned for more on our SmartFund, our consultants are beavering away rolling out the NMG SmartFund to our clients and those prospective clients, whether you are looking for a world class packaged solution, or an interesting and more bespoke flexible solution for your employees – SmartFund is for you.

I will check back from time-to-time and give you my views on other employee benefits happenings within our industry.

Signing off for now…

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