Our Charities

Every year, the funds raised through NMG’s Charity Challenge will go to four worthy causes:

These charities work to support over 250 at-risk children in the Johannesburg and Cape Town areas. Each runs a very impressive centre to house, feed, clothe, educate and rehabilitate children who have been neglected, disabled, abused, orphaned or abandoned.

Elundini Educare Centre

Elundini Educare was founded and opened in 2008 by Indy Kawana to meet the physical and emotional needs of mentally and physically challenged children in the Du Noon, Tableview and Joe Slovo areas.

Through the unwavering love, support and attention of Indy and her staff, much has been achieved. Elundini provides a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to over sixty five young forgotten souls between the ages of 18 months to 18 years old. Most of the disabled children, all too often stigmatised by society and cowered into silence, now radiate confidence and happiness.

In 2013, NMG donated enough money to enable Elundini to buy and expand the land they were on. Previously, they did not own their own land which made fundraising and registration with organisations such as the Department of Social Development almost impossible. As a result of NMG’s support, they now have a place they can call their own and expand upon. Through the help of another organisation, the Save Foundation, work has commenced on the newly purchased land to build concrete and brick buildings which will ultimately house 12 classrooms.

Tembisa Child Welfare

Tembisa Child Welfare stated out in 1986 in subsistence form, in fabricated buildings and railway containers housing local children who were either lost or abandoned.

Through the support of NMG and other sponsors, and the sheer determination of Ma Bodibe, Tembisa now houses 116 children between the ages of 1 month and twenty years old in two centres in Tembisa. The organisation also provides employment to almost 100 residents and has established several small businesses such as baking, garment-making and disposable diaper manufacturing to supplement fundraising and service the local community.

Tembisa Child Welfare has given a generation of orphans and vulnerable children a fighting chance in life.

In 2017, beyond the money donated, NMG contributed a jungle gym to the organization.


Uviwe keeps the child’s best interest and well-being at the core of all decisions. Their programmes are implemented at individual child, family and community level to achieve our ultimate goal, i.e. “To build communities fit to raise every one of its children. They work on a preventative level to prevent crime, abuse and neglect of vulnerable children. Visit Uviwe’s You Tube channel to watch the stories they have to tell.


The Thanda organisation is based upon empowering people to create a positive change. Their holistic approach to community development involves local resources and talent to develop sustainable solutions, with core programming centred around: early childhood development, after-school education and organic farming. Through these programmes, Thanda aims to break the cycle of generational poverty that exists in rural areas of South Africa by empowering people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make positive contributions to their communities. Stay in touch with Thanda and see what the hardworking team have been up to: Real Life Hero blog, Our favourite books blog and Meet Qiniso.