About the NMG Group

About Us

The NMG Group is a global advisory and intermediary firm focused exclusively on the financial services sector.

Established in 1992, NMG has enjoyed rapid international expansion and now has in excess of 800 employees in 18 cities, covering all inhabited continents.

As a business we pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of developments in the delivery of financial services throughout the world, whether it involves retail distribution in the UK, changes to the regulation of advice in Australia, retirement fund reform in South Africa, or point of sale regulation in Singapore or Canada.

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The majority of our clients are financial institutions (including banks, insurers, fund managers and pension funds) and employers. However, we never lose sight of the eventual customers and beneficiaries of these financial products, whose interests continually guide us.
NMG is made up of three businesses;

  • NMG Consulting: a specialist consultancy focused on the investment, insurance and reinsurance industry.
  • NMG Benefits: an employee benefit consulting and administration business in South Africa and Namibia.
  • NMG Capital: a private equity business investing in entrepreneurial financial services entities.

NMG is majority owned by its staff, with the remainder of its shares held by private equity and angel investors.

Our history

NMG was originally formed as a firm of consulting actuaries, opening our doors for the first time in Singapore in September 1992.

Since then, our suite of services has steadily expanded, as has our geographic sweep. Our initial expansion took us into Malaysia and Hong Kong, followed by South Africa.

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Although most of our growth has been organic, we acquired the Pennant Consulting Group in South Africa in 1997 which took us into Retirement Fund services (consulting and administration) for the first time. We followed this up with an investment in Welton, Parent Inc in Canada in 1999, another Benefits firm.

NMG Consulting continued to expand, opening offices in the UK and Australia in 1999, in Italy in 2004 and Canada in 2009.