Finding a better way


NMG Administrators Botswana specializes in Retirement Fund Administration. Along with NMG Capital, NMG Consulting and NMG Benefits, it is a subsidiary of the NMG Group, a global advisory and intermediary firm.

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NMG Benefits

NMG Consulting

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Employee benefits trusted advisor and administration business in Southern Africa Global specialist in consulting, insights and analytics across asset management, wealth, insurance and reinsurance markets Worldwide investment portfolio in innovative financial services entities

The company is up to date with the latest international financial research and insights, which it uses to inform its local thinking and operations.

What works for one person, company or industry does not always work for another. The only way to succeed in the constantly shifting landscape of requirements of employees, employers, trustees and fund managers across a diverse range of industries is to shift course with them.

Our core purpose is always to find a better way; the best way for each client.