Core Values

NMG is driven by strong core values that define who we are and what we do.

These particular ‘core values’ are rarely found in other companies, but we consider them essential – and together they make us unique. Our commitment to trust and transparency runs as a common theme through each.

NMG Core ValuesCollaboration

At NMG we see ourselves as part of a team, with shared goals and a common history. We look out for each other, and have a collective desire to learn and improve. As part of that team, we are willing to share our time, our ideas and our knowledge, not just with those we work with each day, but with everyone in the NMG family. There’s a fundamental respect for the company, and for each other. Collaboration is what unites and strengthens us, and makes NMG a success.

We put this value ahead of any other, as it best describes the people we enjoy working with and the way in which we tackle our goals.



NMG Core ValuesCuriosity

NMGers have a love of learning, a strong desire to know more. Curiosity makes us better at what we do. It is our curiosity that will help us create a company filled with exciting ideas and innovative thinking. It is our curiosity about how good we could be, that challenges us to give more, and never to accept something as ‘good enough’. It is our curiosity about how to improve ourselves and what we do, that makes us eager to receive constructive feedback, to be ‘coachable’ and open-minded. And in our fast-moving marketplace, it is our curiosity that will ensure we continue to lead, rather than to follow the crowd.



NMG Core Values

Go for it!

From the very beginning, at NMG we have been prepared to take risks, not because we are reckless, but because – in our judgement – it is the best course of action. We are always willing to look at things ‘the NMG way’ and we don’t let old ideas and prejudices stop us from thinking the unconventional. Sometimes being different will make things harder. But when it does, we remember that the more difficult the task, the greater our satisfaction when we achieve success. So we foster an environment in which people are comfortable promoting their ideas, and where originality and creativity are valued.

Of course this doesn’t mean that every new idea is a good one, or that there won’t be failures on the path to success. We understand the importance of listening to feedback and accepting constructive criticism but always remain true to our beliefs.

NMG Core ValuesMake it count

What drives us is our desire to make a difference, to make our careers count for something, to look back on our achievements and our legacy with conviction and satisfaction. We have a commitment to authenticity and truth, to do work that matters. And we will always be honest with our clients.

While no company can survive without profit, we also believe that business and life should be about something more, so we aim to make a positive difference. We accept responsibility for our actions. We also recognize that what we do today affects tomorrow. That’s why we strongly support the charities we have chosen, not because it makes us feel good, but because we want to play our part in making the world we leave behind a better place for others.