Frequently Asked Questions for BPOPF members

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What does NMG stand for?

NMG stands for ‘Nick, Mark, Geoff’, the first names of the founders of NMG who started the business nearly 30 years ago.

What does NMG Administrators Botswana do?

NMG Administrators Botswana has been licensed by the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) to carry out the business of Retirement Fund Administration in the Republic of Botswana in terms of Section 21 of the Retirement Funds Act and subject to the conditions set out in the financial services law.

Is NMG Administrators Botswana a local company?

Yes. NMG Botswana is Botswana Registered Company, and will ensure that it plays a pivotal role in shaping the community, hiring Batswana, reflective of one of our core values of ‘Making it Count’.

Who are the owners of NMG Administrators Botswana?

Lecha Administration (Pty) Ltd and NMG Group

Is NMG Administrators Botswana a South African company?

NMG Administrators Botswana is a Botswana company, licensed by NBFIRA to perform Retirement Fund Administration in the Republic of Botswana.

What is the link between NMG Administrators Botswana and South Africa?

NMG Administrators Botswana is part of the NMG Group, which is a global advisory and intermediary firm, operating for almost 30 years. Under the NMG Group, there is NMG Consulting, NMG Capital, NMG Benefits and now NMG Administrators Botswana. NMG Benefits is the South African operation of the group (extending into Namibia), which focuses on employee benefits such as Healthcare Consulting, Retirement Fund Consulting, Retirement Fund Administration, Investment Consulting and Actuarial Consulting. NMG Administrators Botswana operates separately from NMG Benefits as a stand-alone entity of the group.

Has NMG Administrators Botswana appointed a CEO?

We have not yet appointed a CEO.

Does NMG Administrators Botswana have office space in Botswana?

We have 1 Head Office and 4 Regional Offices in Botswana. These office locations are as follows:
Head office:
Letsema Office Park – Block A
Plot 61920 Fairgrounds
GaboroneRegional Offices:
Plot 70667, BDC Fairscape Precinct
Ground Floor
P/Bag 7, Poso House

Private Bag 0053
Plot 662 – 666, Blue Jacket Square
Blue Jacket Street
Francistown, Botswana

Private Bag 29, Jwaneng
Plot 5435, Main Mall

Private Bag 60
Plot 714, Maun CBD
Maun, Botswana

What does the transition from BPOPF to NMG Administrators Botswana mean for members and beneficiaries?

We will be handling all claims processing, member education, enquiries, statements, pensioner payroll management and many other day-to-day tasks.

What does it mean that NMG Administrators Botswana are now the fund administrators for the BPOPF?

The BPOPF will still be there, however, under Section 21 of the Retirement Fund Act, the administration of the Fund needs to be outsourced. Your funds will still be safe and you will still be a member of the BPOPF. The only difference is that your point of contact for enquiries, statements, claims processing, ITW8 forms and any other assistance you may require pertaining to your pension fund, would need to be directed to NMG Administrators Botswana.

What is the list of services that NMG Administrators Botswana do?

Member contributions management
Capturing, updating, and maintaining of member records
Managing investments towards retirement for members
Updating financial records
A friendly and helpful contact center
Benefit calculation & payment
Pension payments
Beneficiary payments
Trustee services, including banking reports and attendance at meetings
Compliance and regulatory reporting
Member education and communications and benefit statements
Planning, review, and consultation meetings
Projections statements
HR/Payroll Support

Can I no longer contact the BPOPF directly?

You can contact the BPOPF, however, all enquiries will be routed to NMG Administrators Botswana.

Will my details be with the BPOPF or with NMG Administrators Botswana?

Member records will be with NMG Botswana and reports are shared with BPOPF.

What will the BPOPF do?

BPOPF as a pension fund, remains accountable for its members as per the provisions of the Retirement Funds Act. There is a service level agreement between the BPOPF and NMG Administrators Botswana that will be used to ensure that members are serviced accordingly.

What is the role of the Trustees?

Trustees are required to manage the fund’s assets objectively in terms of the legislation and rules of the fund for the benefit of members.

What is the claims process?

When exiting service, please contact your employer who will advise you on the appropriate forms to complete. For a list of forms, please visit It is important to ensure that you visit your human resources office in advance, so that NMG Administrators Botswana can receive your claim forms a month before you leave. This will ensure that your claim is processed effectively and efficiently.Deferred members can contact one of our regional offices for assistance (i.e. for submission of claims). These claims relate to retirement from the Fund, retirement on medical grounds or transfer of funds to other Funds.

What do I bring when I visit NMG Administrators Botswana with a query about my pension?

The following documents are needed to rectify information on your benefit statement:
Confirmation of 1st appointment letter
Certified copy of Omang
Copy of benefit statement
Marriage certificate/Decree Absolute (for change of surname)

Insourcing was brought in by the BPOPF to improve service delivery. Why was the company appointed for insourcing, not awarded the administration of the Fund?

The Insourcing came as a result of the BPOPF’s decision to improve service delivery time in a cost-effective manner to members. The objective was to reduce turnaround times for query resolution and the cost of administering the Fund is expected to reduce over time.In 2017, the regulatory authority, NBFIRA mandated that all retirement funds are to be administered by a 3rd party. As a result, the BPOPF went out to tender, and based on our knowledge, expertise and technological capabilities; NMG Administrators Botswana was awarded the fund administration.

Where do I go to ask questions regarding my pension?

For any enquiries, members are advised to visit or call any of the NMG Administrators Botswana offices around the country. We have offices in Gaborone, Francistown, Maun and Jwaneng (see our offices on this website).Members can also call the Call Centre at 0800 600 177 (toll free)

What happens if a member dies?

When a member passes on, the whole benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries as per the provisions of the legislation governing pension benefits. NMG Administrators Botswana undertakes investigations that will determine the apportionment of the member’s accumulated pension to the beneficiaries.

Will the Trust Fund for beneficiaries still be available?

Yes, benefits for minors and mentally challenged beneficiaries are placed in a trust/beneficiary fund appointed by the Fund.

Do beneficiaries go to the BPOPF or to NMG Administrators Botswana?

Beneficiaries are required to direct all enquiries or claims to NMG Administrators Botswana or to the trust/beneficiary fund, in the event that benefits for minor dependents have been placed in trust.

What is the process for beneficiary claims?

The administrator should be notified of the death of a member, i.e by employer in case of active members, family members in case of pensioners and deferred member with supporting documents (death certificate).
Social investigation is conducted to identify the dependents/beneficiaries
Benefits are apportioned according to available information on dependency of the beneficiaries on the deceased member at the time of death
Beneficiaries are informed of the apportionment
Payment is done according to legislation (consultations are done where there is excess cash to purchase annuity)

The BPOPF created a Pre-Retirement Switch. Who do I need to contact if I wish to take up this benefit?

You need to contact NMG Administrators Botswana at any one of their regional offices. They will advise and process the application. The vetting process will commence and accepted members will be issued with a certificate while those who have not been accepted will be notified accordingly.

Can a pensioner with a bank account opt to be paid pension on the BancABC prepaid Cash Card?

Yes! There are pensioners who are still paid with cheques and these pensioners are highly encouraged to use prepaid cash cards for their convenience. Nevertheless, those who are being paid through their Banks can also use cash cards if they are interested.NMG Administrators Botswana will explore other safe avenues that can be used for payment.

Can a pensioner who does not have a bank account still get paid out with NMG Administrators Botswana?

Yes, currently there are pensioners who are paid by cheques. NMG Administrators Botswana will continue to explore other safe means of payment.

What are the claims processing timelines?

Whilst we have adopted the timelines from BPOPF our aim is to reduce the timelines for an enhanced member experience. This forms part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the BPOPF.

What happens if I am dismissed from employment?

The employer will collate all the relevant documents and submit the notification form indicating the type of exit. The age of the member will be considered to determine how the benefits will be paid. If the age is above the early retirement age, the member will qualify for the retirement benefit, however, if it is below, the claim will be processed as a withdrawal claim.

What happens when I resign from employment?

The member qualifies for 25% of the accumulated benefits which is taxed and the remaining 75% is deferred until the member reaches retirement age. The member can also choose to defer the whole amount or transfer out 25% to a registered Fund or pension annuity policy.

What happens if I become disabled due to sickness?

If you are an active member, your employer will facilitate for you to be assessed by a medical board to determine if you should be retired on medical grounds or not. If you are retired, the employer will collate the necessary documents to be considered by the Trustees for approval.If you are a deferred member, you should visit one of the NMG Administrators Botswana regional offices and arrangements will be made for you to be assessed by a specialist who will in turn make a recommendation in writing to the Trustees for approval or non-approval.

What happens if I am involved in an accident?

The process for disability due to sickness ensues, depending on your membership status.

What do I do to confirm that my employer is definitely making payment to my pension fund?

Members should on monthly basis consult their salary advice slip to check if the pension contribution deduction has been administered.If not, the member should engage with their HR office.

What action can I take as a BPOPF fund member if my employer does not pay?

Payment of pension contribution by employer is part of your employee contract and should be reported immediately to your employer to avoid financial loss on your part.

What do I do to receive my benefit statement?

Benefits statements are sent to members through different avenues. These can be received from your employer, post office or via email. NMG Administrators Botswana is working on creating a platform for members that will enable members to access their benefits statements on-demand.

How do I check my balance on deferred funds?

Benefits statements are sent to deferred members via post and emails, however, the member can request for a balance update at any of our regional offices. In the future, we will make available an online platform which will allow members to view their accounts.

Will the claims process be better than it is right now?

We aim to improve the processing of claims timelines through the use of technology and robust fund administration systems to ensure an enhanced member experience. Turnaround times and processes will be reviewed periodically through regular monitoring of member feedback.

As with any transitional change of this size, teething problems are likely to be encountered in the early days of the migration of services. We humbly appeal that you bear with us as we work through to resolve these on a case by case basis.