Driving up your wellness

March 9, 2022

All too often we set goals or make new year resolutions with good intentions, only to see them fall by the wayside as our day-to-day life takes over. It is very easy to make fundamental mistakes when we set goals, aim at the wrong things, and not put accountability measures in place. So how do we create our best lives? How do we make our dreams come true?

Equip and empower yourself by learning how to set meaningful goals aimed at supporting you in navigating the increasingly complex and challenging world we currently find ourselves in! Here are a few ideas you can focus on:

  1. Write up a daily or weekly affirmation and place it somewhere you will consistently read it
  2. Create a list of goals for each area of your life including: Family, Friends, Mental Health, Spirituality, Work/School and Financial goals
  3. Write down the steps you need to take to achieve each of these goals
  4. Write out your reason you want to accomplish the goals
  5. Give yourself a time frame in which you want to achieve the goal
  6. Consider if you need help achieving the goal and if so, who can help you.

Working on these factors will help you and your family cope with today’s challenges such as financial pressure, high levels of personal stress, addictions, health problems, demanding work schedules, crime and violence.