About Flaspöhler

Flaspöhler (non-life reinsurance insight studies) is a product within the Insights practice suite of products.

Founded in 1983, Flaspöhler has conducted surveys in 95 countries and a dozen languages. Flaspöhler serves clients across a broad spectrum of industry segments including life reinsurance, non-life reinsurance, corporate and commercial lines insurance, and managed health care.

Flaspöhler became part of NMG Consulting in 2015.

Flaspöhler Research

While we design every study based on the particular needs of each client, we’ve developed some exceptionally powerful techniques to help clients retain clients and identify new opportunities in their markets.

Customer Retention

Today’s customer and client satisfaction tools are so different than they were just  years ago. In fact, it is misleading to still think of customer surveys as “satisfaction” surveys. Customer surveys today go beyond satisfaction. They are specifically designed to provide you with exactly what you need to generate additional sales and new leads.

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We specialize in helping companies with customer advocacy measurement by developing and deploying a finely tuned questionnaire that includes today’s most effective tools, including Net Promoter™ and Imminent Intention™.

Flaspöhler is experienced in creating a transaction-based customer service tracking program or a periodic relationship survey to take the pulse of the customer. We are experts in developing and executing surveys with prospective, competitive, new and current customers.  We can help you create or revise a high-quality baseline and tracking program optimized for performance improvement. We realize organizations communicate in different ways and we will work closely with you in developing user-friendly reports that are immediately actionable.

Marketing Opportunities

Perceptions play a crucial role in purchase decision-making. Some companies know very little about how they are perceived in the marketplace. Others are relying on outdated intelligence.  Flaspöhler is recognized worldwide for potent research designs that provide a solid foundation for corporate marketing efforts.

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Using a variety of proprietary techniques and methodologies, we work with clients to accurately answer the seven most important questions that are necessary for marketing success:

1. What is the market awareness of your firm?
2. How are you perceived in the market?
3. Is your market perception meaningful enough that you are on buyer “short lists?”
4. What are your perceived strengths versus competitors?
5. What are your perceived weaknesses versus competitors?
6. What are your best market opportunities based on unmet/under met needs of the market?
7. What are the best market opportunities based on your strengths vis-á-vis competitors?

Because our senior people have all had client side, revenue specific responsibilities, we know how important it is to clearly communicate opportunities and strategies to all levels of an organization. To help you achieve this important step, we provide you with exceptionally useful and graphically appealing tools including:

  • Corporate Strengths/Weaknesses Profiles (for you and your competitors)
  • Evaluation Factor Rankings (showing how you rank versus competitors on key selection criteria)
  • Perceptual Maps (illustrating how your are perceived, overall, versus every competitor)
  • Velocity Registers (highlighting the speed and direction in which perceptions of your firm are changing)

Whether you are just starting to define your brand’s specific strengths and weaknesses or you already measure these and know how you are perceived relative to competitors, our powerful proprietary tools can add powerful new perspectives to help you create better marketing programs.

Executive Summaries

Below are a variety of Executive Summaries produced by Flaspöhler. All summaries are protected by US Copyright Law.

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Download: 2013 Cedants Evaluate Reinsurers LATAM Non-Life

Download: 2013 Cedants Evaluate Reinsurers Non-Life NA