NMG Benefits is a specialist employee benefits firm. Along with NMG Capital and NMG Consulting, it is a subsidiary of the NMG Group, a global advisory and intermediary firm. The company is up to date with the latest international financial research and insights, which it uses to inform its local thinking and operations.

At NMG Benefits, we’re passionate about people. We believe in working not only for them, but together with them for the benefit of all.

Think about it: health, happiness, freedom, security – these are the things that people want most of all, and what we want most of all is to help people get them. That’s why we’ve been providing versatile, intelligent employee benefits since 1992, giving the people who invest in these benefits the tools to build a brighter collective financial future for each other and themselves. We call it unlocking the power of uncapped employee contentment.

Our core purpose is always to find a better way; the best way for each client. We attribute our success in this arena to three things.

First is our commitment to honouring and advancing the valuable employer-employee relationship. They place their trust in us, and in return we strengthen the sense of trust between them by ensuring that both parties are always carefully considered in every decision made.

Second is our independence. We have no financial interests in any of our service providers, guaranteeing impartial advice, always.

And the final, most essential cog in the machine that makes our mission possible is our portfolio of broad business and individual services – all underpinned by a strong suite of actuarial services and driven by reliable up-to-the-minute data.